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A person who always thinks they are sexier than everyone else. Even though we all know they are some poser kid. They tend to hate specific things such Jirachi and/or Gunner for whatever reason. Also a person who likes to say (with force) at the end of a sentence.
Sharpest: I am teh sexy beast bitches
Others: No you are not so stfu
Sharpest: I'm so sexy I won Mrs. America!
Sharpest: I wanna rub your nipples (with force)!
by fcuck j00 September 24, 2005
a. A Complete Moron
b. Someone with large bowl movements that everybody hears.
c. Douchebag
"Dammit, that sharpest over there making this day a dam nightmare"
by Lays Potato Chips August 28, 2005
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