a disgusting, ugly, slutty, CONCEITED, whorrish, nasty horrible bitch that EVERYONE hates.
EW! A SEAGULL! ewww shes gross!
by person who hates seagulls May 11, 2010
A manager or supervisor that glides or flies around the office doing nothing. Usually acts as if he/she is bugging his staff for a reason but the honest truth is simply that he has nothing to do, and wants to show non existant managerial skill.
The seagull is coming towards us, so be prepared for a ridiculous request that adds no value to you or your collegues.
by Initial-D September 12, 2005
noun,: a racial slur; an african american. Term is relevant in the presumption that african americans are like seagulls in the sense that 1. they only like each other 2. they are commonly found in large annoying groups 3. they're loud and obnoxious 4. they shit all over everything (especially things white people enjoy) and generally ruin a good time on a saturday night on the boardwalk 5. the are commonly found around large trash piles or dumpsters 6. they never shut the fuck up 7. they steal stuff frequently 8. they are generally disliked by the majority of the population
That fucking seagull just stole my french fries!
by Dan344 February 17, 2010
A skanky girl, with a dyke like demeanor ie. short boy like hair. Likes to pick at other people's sloppy seconds.
That girl is a seagull, she's trying to get with my ex-boyfriend.
by squirelhater April 27, 2009
When i guy and a girl are having sex on the beach and right before your about to cum He dips his dick in the sand and puts it back in.
It hurts when he puts it in after the sand so she screams representing a seagull
by jju August 09, 2008
An act performed by a male while having sex on the beach. During intercourse, the male's genitalia is dipped into the sand and sex is resumed, resulting in loud, awkward squawks and flapping of the limbs from his partner.
-Last summer, while my girlfriend and I were having sex on the beach, I gave her the seagull.

-I met this annoying girl at a bar one time, convinced her to go hook up on the beach, and seagulled her.

by Willie B. Hardigan April 15, 2008
To ejaculate into ones hand,then thrusting ones hand forward flinging your spaf in to the face of your loved one and shouting ka-ka
tom was not happy when i did a seagull in his face while climbing
by walesby_spud April 10, 2008

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