When youre banging a gurl on the beach and u stick your dick in the sand then stick your sandy dick back in her which then makes he flail her arms and scream like a seagull
"Yo you see that naked girl screaming over there on the beach"
"Yah her boyfriend just gave her the seagull"
by boxer0572 September 30, 2007
When a man cums in his hand while shagging his lady from behind,then spits on her back to make her think he came on her.Then he taps her on the back and when she turns her head he shouts BACAAAAW and flings the cum into her face.
Hey mate,i seagulled that chick i met last night
by Ornithology October 09, 2007
when your fucking a chick after a nice romantic meal on the beach. you either have a condom on with a lot of lube on it or some vaseline on your wank. you stick ur dick in the sand and then you continue to fuck her with the sand particles all over your wee-wee. she screams in anguish but your continue to fuck her until blood is shed.
man, i was with my biddie the other day on the beach and i made sure i gave her the seagull before we left, she was bleeding everywhere
by gmoneysaghands February 08, 2008
1) The bird that eats any scrap of food it can get, also known as a flying rat.
2) When a couple is having sex on the beach and the male takes out his penis and puts it in the sand. Once his penis has been emersed in sand, the male proceeds to shove in back in the female's vagina.
Yo I was at the beach with this dumb bitch and I was going to bust in her face, but I gave her a seagull instead.
by j0e March 27, 2003
A term for a lesbian(she dives to get the fish.....)
yo, I wanted to hook up with that fine ass bitch, but she was a seagull
by Brian Croteau October 05, 2005
cutaway used in a film
Cut to the seagulls
by Goldner July 02, 2003
Robert Langdon
you're a robert langdon
by Hairy Banana Thing March 25, 2004

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