When at a dogging site and the spectators around the car ejaculate onto the windows.
"Christ. The birds have been busy on your car, Geoff..."
"Not birds... Seagulls..."
by DistantVoices May 10, 2009
When a man cums in his own hand and rubs it on someones face
fair play, you got seagulled haaaard
by ry to the ry March 24, 2006
A person who keeps bumming cigarettes etc. off you. A seagull (usually guy) may also hang aroung in the bars at closing time searhing for easy women.
Comment in the bar queue on guy bumming a cigarette off you: "Are there trash cans or what, because it seems that seagulls are flying around"
by John Meadows-Taylor August 14, 2003
A whining, whinging whiteboy (seagull is white so is kid) who does nothing but complain and complaints tend to sound like a seagull.
Seagulls: "Squawk squawk!"
Mr Williams: "Shut up William!"
by Evans da slang mysta July 10, 2009
A person with an extremely bad haircut.
Taken from the lead singer of the 80s 'pop' group, A Flock of Seagulls who had possible the worse fashion disaster for hair of all times.
God, look at that bloke’s seagull.
by mcrbloke August 03, 2005
When youre banging a gurl on the beach and u stick your dick in the sand then stick your sandy dick back in her which then makes he flail her arms and scream like a seagull
"Yo you see that naked girl screaming over there on the beach"
"Yah her boyfriend just gave her the seagull"
by boxer0572 September 30, 2007
Another name for a lazy nigger. You see, niggers are like seagulls. You give seagulls enough food and other things and they stop working for it and expect people to give it to them.
Wow, look at all those seagulls in the welfare line. Newports must be on sale for a short time only.
by yaavjndfkngdg June 02, 2011

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