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When you whack off and cum in your hand, then you run up to someone, slap them in the face with your salty hand and shout "Seagulled!"
I sure do love seagulling. Matt seagulled me and now my cheek feels so fertile.
by jamthemaninspacewithamonkey March 20, 2006
Seagulling is a variation on the sexual practice of bukkake, with the crucial difference that in this case the recipients are unwilling.

One person learns about two people that are going to have sex and works out the location of the aforementioned event. Then he gathers as many guys as possible and packs them into the room where it's going to take place. The guys hide in cupboards, behind curtains - basically, wherever there is a place to hide. Then when the couple look like they're about to finish, everyone runs out and ejaculates all over them and then proceeds to run around them, flapping their arms like birds and making seagull noises.
Mike's friends thought seagulling on him and Susan would be great fun, so they all hid until the time was right.
by mynameislucy June 28, 2005
when spending all night trying to take a girl home from the bar and at the last minute another douche swoops in and takes her home much like a seagull would do with your hotdog at the beach
I talked to this hot chick all night at the bar and then right before closing Bobby seagulled her from me and took her home. That douche is always sea gulling
by Smcgett24 December 18, 2010
A ritual which is popular in all-male prisons, whereby said inmate ejaculates into his palm and throws it at the next unsuspecting prison guard who walks past his cell.
"Yo dude, you gotta keep seagulling that screw!
by Mel "Homey" Howells September 12, 2006
when you ejaculate into your hand then go up to someone you know or an authority figure and throw it in their face.
Russell Brand talks about what the act of seagulling is,
by brotherinspirit September 08, 2008
When watching others have sex in a car, you wank off and spunk on the wind screen then run away.
I was walking through a car park and saw a couple getting it on, I had no choice really. A bit of seagulling was in order so I knocked one out and seagulled them!!!
by KamMan April 16, 2013
to drive by on the beach and 'chuck' sperm from your hand into the face of an innocent passer by, the passer by has been seagulled
by redvynal July 17, 2003
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