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1. (Slang) Gossip; rumor
2. (Nautical) A drinking fountain on a ship; a cask on a ship used to hold the day's supply of drinking water.
3. (noun) a report (often malicious) about the doings of other people
I was hanging out at the scuttlebutt, waiting to get some water when I heard some good scuttlebutt on Vern and an inflatable sheep.
by message_tied_to_a_brick July 01, 2004
Word on the street/rumor
Well the scuttlebutt around here is that you banged a whore for your first time.
by Mike September 06, 2005
Rumors and gossip(navy)
That site is a good way to spread unwanted scuttlebutt.
by Light Joker January 15, 2005
1. pish-posh, lies, rumors, obviously false statement
2. a person who lies or spreads rumors
3. a group on myspace for people who like to make up words
Demi and Joe are dating? That's SUCH scuttlebutt!
by alanapandadouche March 13, 2008
The act of a dog dragging its ass across the carpet.
Moooommmm, your dog scuttlebutted across your floor again! (being yelled from the basement of your parents house)
by doglover4ever February 03, 2010
A strip club located in Slidell, Louisiana which is about 30 minuets away from new orleans. Any one who lives here could tell you that Scuttlebutt is a strip club full of white trash/chunky/nasty chicks.
Go to Bourbon st. for a real strip club.
me: have you ever been to scuttlebutts
dad: yea, me and paul saw a girl there with one arm, we call her flipper.

roger:did you hear that ---- works at scuttlebutt now?
me: hahahaha no way
by shittylitkjkj January 12, 2010
The act of continuously farting while walking. Popping off multiple farts while walking. As you take each step you cut another fart.
Mike: Eweee!, what't that smell?!

Russ: Oh that's just me scuttlebuttin' across the house.

Mike: Oh, cool. I thought that was a black cat firecracker going off.

Russ: Nope, just me getting my thorough scuttlebtt on.
by RussRidd May 29, 2012
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