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the brand new word for weird
That new kid at school is soooo wikiwikiwahhhh!
by alanapandadouche October 08, 2007
1. pish-posh, lies, rumors, obviously false statement
2. a person who lies or spreads rumors
3. a group on myspace for people who like to make up words
Demi and Joe are dating? That's SUCH scuttlebutt!
by alanapandadouche March 13, 2008
a gapped-tooth female who wears really red lipstick
also known as a slut or someoen who acts in a slutty way
Oh my gosh shes such a gappylovato.
She needs to fix that gap shes startin to look like a gappylovato.
by alanapandadouche March 13, 2008
1. an attractive quality boys name Joe have
2. in the year 3000 by having one he will be unable to have children because his pants are too tight
2. "everything just got pushed up to make the large adams apple" - Bridget.
3. hecksa sexual
4. big deck
Joe has a bigADAMSapple and it get us going.

by alanapandadouche March 13, 2008
the new AWESOME awesome
pandadouche is hella pandadouche.
you're hella pandadouche.
that movie was freaking pandadouche
by alanapandadouche September 24, 2007
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