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To get drunk, hammered, pissed, or alternatively an event at which you get drunk, hammered, pissed. Therefore can be used either as a 1. verb 2. noun
1. Hey, it's Friday, come on round and we'll fill up.
2. It'll be a proper fill up on the weekend. They love the piss.
by ontheweekend August 28, 2006
Used as a verb in a command sentence when you want someone to feel up on deez nuts.
Yo, Fillup on deez nuts.
by Jim Read November 12, 2003
When a man injects semen into his womans vagina.
My girl is on the pill so I'm gonna give her pussy a fill up.
by Dig That!!! September 16, 2010
what needs to be done to an empty pipe.
My pipe is empty it needs a fillups.
by Jamie Pheloney April 09, 2005