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A scrub is a more derogatory form of the slang "noob", "nub" etc. and is primarily used in video games, particularly those which are multiplayer based.

Whilst a noob is generally considered one who is new to the game, and as a result not proficient, a scrub need not necessarily be new. It may imply that the person accused is forever a noob, regardless of how much they may practice.
"FML why am i always on the scrub team"
"You piece of shit scrub, uninstall"
by Pottsy1994 November 17, 2012
to be greasy,unclean. and mistrustful person. An individual who fails at life
look at Greg he is such a scrub.
why do you not trust Mr Spring? because he is a scrub
Greg needs to take a shower,makes the Springs look like Scrubs
by Emo Chicks R Hot October 01, 2012
In the world of competitive gaming, a scrub is a person who is unskilled at the game in question but refuses to improve because they enjoy their current style of play. They often accuse competitive players of sucking the fun out of the game by categorizing and analyzing everything. The term is always used derisively by competitive players. It originated in the world of fighting games but is also seen in the RTS and competitive Pokemon communities, among others.
Rob's a scrub. He bitched and moaned when I kicked his ass at 3rd Strike because I was making things "unfun."

I don't mind being called a "scrub." I don't want to devote hundreds of hours to mastering a game just so I can compete with a bunch of elitist neckbeards.
by wwwggwww December 09, 2011
A scrub is someone who is acting like a loser or is being ridiculous at common things in life.
She wont pick up her phone; i need to know what time she got the tickets for. She is acting like such a scrub!!
by istayfly8 July 14, 2011
No money

No girl

No friends


Yo look at bro over there, hes such a scrub!
by nsaguvjnsadkfmc April 27, 2010
A slack ass lazy mother fucker that smokes Their self stupid all day and doesnt even have a "real" job. Bitches and complains about shit and does t do anything to fix it
Youre a scrub
by Gerald monahagn May 04, 2014
A totally unlikable person, a dweeb if you will. He tends to annoy people without even trying. Can also be used as an adjective such as "Scrubby".
I don't want no scrub,
Scrub is a boy who can't get no love from me.
Hangin' out the passenger side
Of his best friends ride,
Trying to holler at me.
by Thatpurplethingy February 16, 2014