One is thought of lesser than normal people. Believes he is a pro at something but actually is not.
A Larson was walking through the street and realized how much of a scrub he had been through acting up at everyone.
by Storyguide February 26, 2012
As described by David Sirlin in his e-book "Playing to Win"

A person who plays a competitive game with a personal set of rules that the designers game and the tournament community don't recognize. Usually these rules prevent the scrub from having to put forth the effort to to learn to beat tactics that are above his skill level in a game.

Scrubs will feel that those that don't follow their personal rule-sets as if they were cheating, and complain incessantly attempting to peer-pressure others into following their personal rules for the game.

Scrubs can be recognized by the cry of "That's cheap!" in most player vs. player, competitive video games.
Playing Street Fighter:
Scrub: "You just threw me, that's cheap as hell!"

Competitive player: "Stop being a scrub and learn how to tech throws..."

Playing a Trading Card Game:
Scrub: "Using deck lists off of the internet is unoriginal, and takes no skill since all of the cards are expensive..."

Competitive player: "Whatever, do you want to go best out of 6 now that I've beaten you three times in a row?"
by smitty76 October 25, 2011
An adjective; used to describe a loser or someone who slacks or isn't skilled.
"Stop being such a scrub!"
by Scrublord0426 January 13, 2016
A scrub is somebody that lacks skill in many things and is just THAT guy/girl
She can't get one question right she's such a scrub
by Realdefz November 07, 2015
A person who has clocked over 200 hours total on football manager games and has bought many gems on smite. They tend to like to talk about plot of a tv show you watch because they are fuckwits.
Person 1:"Hi sam!"
Sam: "Hey, here's some spoilers on Arrow"
Person1: "Sam is such a Scrub"
by youknowwho999 May 14, 2015
This is usually a term for someone who is new in school or a sport team. Most often a freshman or a transfer student. Typically used by someone who was butt-hurt when they were a scrub the year before.
Sometimes there is one said "scrub" that tries to be popular and attempts to make "scrub" a good name, by calling himself the King Scrub or Scrub Ultimatum. Usually this backfires when the upperclassmen call him that name and he gets made fun of even more.
Equivalent of "noob", "newbie", or "loser"
Guy: Dude, you're such a scrub!
Other Guy: Weren't you a scrub last year?
Guy: Yeah, but I was a cool scrub. And you aren't! Ha!
by Enraged Coffee Addict March 10, 2015
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