A kid who blows at everything he does. Scrubs are usually creatures that are clumsy and don't know how to do anything, especially play videogames. They usually let anyone & everyone win at any videogame. Specifically CoD and Miniclip 8ball pool. They will most likley end up scrubbing carpets as their career.
Pat: damn look at edon he's such a scrub!
Arthur: dont touch him, he will make you all scrubby!
by Patrick0294 January 19, 2012
That one guy that every high school has; considered to be rather insane, looks slightly dirty, has long hair, frequently runs around throwing milk cartons at people. Is rumored to have been suspended for urinating on somone. Not to be confused with the stoner.
Dude, look at that loser. He's such a scrub.
by Cowlorful January 16, 2012
a person or persons who generally suck at everything! usually said to make fun of, or to humiliate other people ; not to be used often
jake : "dude did you see that guy trying to lift that dead weight ? "
Mikhail : "yeah, he'll never be able to do it "
jake : " i know, what a scrub. "
by TheFactFinder January 07, 2012
1. A person that sucks really bad at something
2. (srubby) meaning something you did sucked or was really bad
1. This guy sucks so bad at this sport, he looks like its his first time, what a scrub.

2. Man that shot i took in the soccer game was so srubby
by Edrevo12 December 13, 2011
In the world of competitive gaming, a scrub is a person who is unskilled at the game in question but refuses to improve because they enjoy their current style of play. They often accuse competitive players of sucking the fun out of the game by categorizing and analyzing everything. The term is always used derisively by competitive players. It originated in the world of fighting games but is also seen in the RTS and competitive Pokemon communities, among others.
Rob's a scrub. He bitched and moaned when I kicked his ass at 3rd Strike because I was making things "unfun."

I don't mind being called a "scrub." I don't want to devote hundreds of hours to mastering a game just so I can compete with a bunch of elitist neckbeards.
by wwwggwww December 09, 2011
a girl who doesnt appreciate the ways of a true frat daddy. Usually vegan, usually a skyrim nerd
magical german vegan bean comedians are scrubs
by fratdaddyfresh November 20, 2011
A fan or avid watcher of the show Scrubs
I watch scrubs daily. therefore i am a scrub.
by walkinthepark August 07, 2011

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