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Someone who is below your level.
John:(does something retarded)
by Yodog8585 March 27, 2010
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TV show that made it my goal in life to become a doctor with a quirky, black, surgeon friend named Turk.
Guy 1: Dude, your totally racist, why does it have to be a black guy?
by Obscured by Clouds February 02, 2009
366 101
great show on nbc.has best charecter janitor
guy 1:you like scrubs? guy 2:no that show sucks! guy 1:we can't be freinds.
by futuramafan January 27, 2008
341 190
noun: That which is worn by nurses, med students and those in the medical profession both on and off the job, because they are comfortable, and because no one thinks twice about scrubs with zebra stripes and polka dots. Often seen at restaurants herding together between shifts.
"Wow, look at those polka dots and zebra stripes, those are designer scrubs"
"Really? Urbane Scrubs or Blue Sky Scrubs?"
"No, they're Uglieyass scrubs"
"I should get me some of those"
by JoeShelton 2245 July 31, 2006
112 86
An article of clothing worn mostly by hospital staff.
Make sure your wearing your scrub before you come to work.
by Skitzophrenic December 11, 2012
96 72
A word thats completely lost its meaning thanks to some people who only have a 3 word vocabulary which consists of nigger, skeet and scrub
person a :"skeet skeet scrub nigger skeet nigger scrub?"
person b :"no i dont give a shit about what you have to say."
by lbisaretard November 08, 2010
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I see a lot of definitions for "Scrub" but not many are right. Sure everyone has heard that song "I don't want no scrub, a scrub is a guy that cant get no love from me, hangin on the passenger side of his best friends ride, tryin to holla at me, etc etc." However this isn't an accurate description. A scrub refers to people who have a combination of these characteristics: Poor, cheap or ghetto clothes, little friends, not with an "in" crowd, grungy, grimy, dirty, ugly (in a lot of cases), has no job or car (also many cases), at the bottom of the food chain, uses drugs (also very common), often hanging out in the streets, criminalistic personality (often), a loser, hangs out with shady people, etc. Now I've seen many scrubs of all shapes, sizes, and colors but most of them have been white (not trying to be racist or stereo-typical at all but there's sometruth in it, i myself am white.) There's plenty more qualities but to put it in simple terms without having to list all the traits, scrubs are human rats. It's not a bad thing though schouldn't be viewed as bad but scrubs are most commonly at the bottom of the food chain aside from underground scenes, criminal scenes, large cities, etc. This is what gives the scrub a bad name. If this offends anybody know this though, I myself am a scrub and I'm damn proud to be one. Why? one may ask? Because being a scrub doesn't mean you're not cool or aren't good looking or even dirty and poor etc. Being a scrub just means you know that you're one of socities' many rats and not meaning a snitch, that just lives a different lifestyle that has been given a name. That's all. That's all the knowledge ya need to know to understand what being a scrub means.
"I can't believe how many scrubs there are at this school."
by Some scrub with pride February 04, 2009
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