a person who's a loser.
that scrub needs to get some skill.
by tohkeyo January 08, 2015
A word thats completely lost its meaning thanks to some people who only have a 3 word vocabulary which consists of nigger, skeet and scrub
person a :"skeet skeet scrub nigger skeet nigger scrub?"
person b :"no i dont give a shit about what you have to say."
by lbisaretard November 08, 2010
(in video gaming), slang, noun -

To play in a lowly, unsportsmanlike way;
To avail tactics (in-game) which are tantamount to cheating;
To play with a boring, unimaginative style;
To play a video game in the most base, menial fashion

(from: 'scrub', to rub vigorously; to scour; a menial cleaning chore)
'Only scrubs spam.'

'You're a scrub.'

'That Daigo Umerhara may be skilled, but he sure does play like a scrub.'
by Aisha Hymen February 08, 2012
a guy, also known as a buster (player).
he tries hitting on every girl and gets no love from anyone of them
also has no car, and hollers at everyone
looks like trash
lives with him mom
normally has a girlfriend, but doesn't show her any love
also a guy with no money
"hey sexy lady, wanna give me your number?"
"ew no, you're a scrub"
by daisydoodooadallop May 11, 2015
A guy who's just really uncool and dweebish. Usually obsessed with video games and pretending to be cool. They congregate in groups of likeminded individuals, often speaking to girls and hopelessly hitting on them. The girls who are nice enough to talk usually get sucked in and asked strange questions, "oh do you have a vagina, ahahahahahah" these girls are unfortunate and end up picking bad friendships and being exiled slowly from more original groups. Scrubs are mainly very strange, think they are cool, being neither, a majority are failing at life, being unpopular and spending all they're time wasting instead of studying like smarter, hard working boys do
Look at the scrub crew, watching that girl like she's meat, they're so uncool!
by SwegInABox April 29, 2015
A male who is lazy. He has no job, car, or home and definitely has no money. He talks about what he wants and makes himself out to be more than what he is. Often perpetrating, lying about having and that when he's just a loser.
"What a scrub! He is 38 with no car, job or money."
by queen Kesha December 22, 2014
A derogatory term for males losers with no direction in life, used in the chorus of a 1990s Top 20 hit song.

Ritalin-junkie "gamers" who were probably born in the 90s use it in place of "noob" without realizing how it makes them sound like a valley girl. Because they're too young to remember valley girls.

No one with a life uses either term, except in jest.
You scrubs will never make it in EMM ELL GEE, brah!
by Dmitri B. January 19, 2011
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