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Somebody who strives to do worse than all your prior expectations, until you have none. They make an art of slacking and finding short-cuts through anything. They are generally seen as average, pathetic humanoids, but in reality they are much, much more. Their energy is infectious which is necessary when fighting the tryhard syndrome! Long live the scrubs.
xc girls: what a nice, easy run out! we just ran 10 miles without sweating! then we went to the workout room? wadabout u?
scrubs: uh...same
by mynameismatt December 16, 2012
The type of person who enjoys acting like a niggling bitch and an aggressive midget, however is indeed rather nothing but a useless peasant who lies in the shit of the ones he picks on.
They are often both liked and hated by society.
Liam: "Come say that to my face irl cunt"
Jordan: "Oh, you're such a scrub"
Liam precedes to cry in a corner.
by Chromniac1101 December 04, 2012
a scrub is a term often used in highschools.

a scrub is someone who:
doesn't take a shower on a regular basis,

smells like stout ciggarette smoke every day
has very oily hair,

dresses like a hobo,
wears sketchers,
wears skinny jeans and sneakers at the same time.
just to sum it up. WEIRD.

there is so much more to describe. if you think about it. you will understand
amy: "damn that girl stinks"

tyreesha: "shes definitly a scrub"
by thatonegirlyourdontwantoforget September 29, 2012
Some one that could be good at something but they don't work hard. Mostly referring to sports.
"Is Dave good at running, no he's such a scrub."
by scrubs are cheeks March 05, 2012
One is thought of lesser than normal people. Believes he is a pro at something but actually is not.
A Larson was walking through the street and realized how much of a scrub he had been through acting up at everyone.
by Storyguide February 26, 2012
Anyone that who lives, acts, and has qualities like a bum. The term is most used when a scrub is talking out of place. Scrubs are usually the people that people refer to as "losers".

Some times these bum-like loser that are now known as scrubs, at times think they are more than something than what they are, and try to hide the fact they are scrubs. You don't want to have anything to do with scrubs! When you're needing to identify a scrub, refer to this page for examples.
Most would agree a scrub is anyone who looks, acts, lives, is anything like, or can resemble Blake Fisher.

If you disagree, or questioning, you most likely don't know him.
by Josh's bro. February 25, 2012
A kid who blows at everything he does. Scrubs are usually creatures that are clumsy and don't know how to do anything, especially play videogames. They usually let anyone & everyone win at any videogame. Specifically CoD and Miniclip 8ball pool. They will most likley end up scrubbing carpets as their career.
Pat: damn look at edon he's such a scrub!
Arthur: dont touch him, he will make you all scrubby!
by Patrick0294 January 19, 2012