A person who has clocked over 200 hours total on football manager games and has bought many gems on smite. They tend to like to talk about plot of a tv show you watch because they are fuckwits.
Person 1:"Hi sam!"
Sam: "Hey, here's some spoilers on Arrow"
Person1: "Sam is such a Scrub"
by youknowwho999 May 14, 2015
An previously unseen Star Trek character that will die pretty soon.
Kirk, Spock, McCoy and a scrub beam down to the uncharted planet. It's only a matter of time until the scrub dies.
by geekmalone March 13, 2015
This is usually a term for someone who is new in school or a sport team. Most often a freshman or a transfer student. Typically used by someone who was butt-hurt when they were a scrub the year before.
Sometimes there is one said "scrub" that tries to be popular and attempts to make "scrub" a good name, by calling himself the King Scrub or Scrub Ultimatum. Usually this backfires when the upperclassmen call him that name and he gets made fun of even more.
Equivalent of "noob", "newbie", or "loser"
Guy: Dude, you're such a scrub!
Other Guy: Weren't you a scrub last year?
Guy: Yeah, but I was a cool scrub. And you aren't! Ha!
by Enraged Coffee Addict March 10, 2015
The meaning of the word "scrub" is a guy who is really tall with blonde hair and blue eyes. His name either starts with M or ends with L. Seems to be very flirtatious and has a very good personality. Also does participate in extracurricular activities. Some may consider him as a wimp or a chump.
That scrub over there has no game.
by Smile23 March 03, 2015
A totally unlikable person, a dweeb if you will. He tends to annoy people without even trying. Can also be used as an adjective such as "Scrubby".
I don't want no scrub,
Scrub is a boy who can't get no love from me.
Hangin' out the passenger side
Of his best friends ride,
Trying to holler at me.
by Thatpurplethingy February 16, 2014
Somebody who strives to do worse than all your prior expectations, until you have none. They make an art of slacking and finding short-cuts through anything. They are generally seen as average, pathetic humanoids, but in reality they are much, much more. Their energy is infectious which is necessary when fighting the tryhard syndrome! Long live the scrubs.
xc girls: what a nice, easy run out! we just ran 10 miles without sweating! then we went to the workout room? wadabout u?
scrubs: uh...same
by mynameismatt December 16, 2012
to be greasy,unclean. and mistrustful person. An individual who fails at life
look at Greg he is such a scrub.
why do you not trust Mr Spring? because he is a scrub
Greg needs to take a shower,makes the Springs look like Scrubs
by Emo Chicks R Hot October 01, 2012

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