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(noun) 1. Used to describe a dirty person, place, thing or action.
1. "That homeless man is fucking scrape!"
- "Ah this house looks pretty scrape, lets boot it the fuck outta here!"
by Binkers October 26, 2005
the use of too much teeth during a blowjob
dude that bitch scraped me all to hell
by big tate January 02, 2006
(v) Short form of 'screen scrape': To employ a variety of methods to steal content from a web site and represent it in another manner.

Generally seen as bad practice, but in widespread use. A bot can be used for such activity.

(from 'screen scrape', a technique used in the early days of terminal computing to read directly from terminal video memory)
Most of this content is automatically scraped from other, more legitimate sites.
by stuart@edesign.cc January 22, 2005
In desperation of a hit of T.H.C from the resin left in the stem of a bong...once the thick black stinky resin has been scraped...it is mixed with the tabbacco from old cigarette butts
"Man I'm hangin like a nutsack for a hit...but we got no hydro...guess we'll just have to scrape..got any ciggy butts for the mix?"

"This dude sraped a stem from his bong...waited for the resin to dry out...then sold it for hash...what a shifty cunt"
by -SKITZO- March 20, 2006
adj: Used to show approval of something or confirm that something is good. Interchangeable with wicked, mint etc.

Use in conjunction with classic booyakasha hand gesture for improved emphasis.
For Example:
Bill: I pulled a bare buff girl last night, she was at least an 8, with BNTs
Sam & Jack: Scrape!!!!
Rob: LOL
by Rob0108 November 14, 2005
A nasty vulgar euphemism (almost onomatopoeia) for abortion.
He said he'd marry her if she got rid of the sprog. So she had a scrape and he dumped her.
by SwiftSix July 18, 2005
someone who is unwanted who butts in a conversation when u weren't talking to them it can be anything
U just scraped in u weren't even playing
by Anonymous October 23, 2003