To fuck someone. Sexual intercourse
Do you scrape in the shower, son?
by grant January 08, 2004
(noun) 1. Used to describe a dirty person, place, thing or action.
1. "That homeless man is fucking scrape!"
- "Ah this house looks pretty scrape, lets boot it the fuck outta here!"
by Binkers October 26, 2005
the use of too much teeth during a blowjob
dude that bitch scraped me all to hell
by big tate January 02, 2006
(v) Short form of 'screen scrape': To employ a variety of methods to steal content from a web site and represent it in another manner.

Generally seen as bad practice, but in widespread use. A bot can be used for such activity.

(from 'screen scrape', a technique used in the early days of terminal computing to read directly from terminal video memory)
Most of this content is automatically scraped from other, more legitimate sites.
by January 22, 2005
In desperation of a hit of T.H.C from the resin left in the stem of a bong...once the thick black stinky resin has been is mixed with the tabbacco from old cigarette butts
"Man I'm hangin like a nutsack for a hit...but we got no hydro...guess we'll just have to any ciggy butts for the mix?"

"This dude sraped a stem from his bong...waited for the resin to dry out...then sold it for hash...what a shifty cunt"
by -SKITZO- March 20, 2006
adj: Used to show approval of something or confirm that something is good. Interchangeable with wicked, mint etc.

Use in conjunction with classic booyakasha hand gesture for improved emphasis.
For Example:
Bill: I pulled a bare buff girl last night, she was at least an 8, with BNTs
Sam & Jack: Scrape!!!!
Rob: LOL
by Rob0108 November 14, 2005
A nasty vulgar euphemism (almost onomatopoeia) for abortion.
He said he'd marry her if she got rid of the sprog. So she had a scrape and he dumped her.
by SwiftSix July 18, 2005

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