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A video game that causes obsessive behavior.

The reason some girls don't get any sex.

"So did you finally get some last night?"
"No he wanted to play stupid madden!"
by Bunnyball December 22, 2006
1. (John) A football icon who has a line of EA NFL games named after him. He coached the Oakland Raiders to a victory in Super Bowl XI against the Minnesota Vikings. He also has a habit of making obvious observations as a football analyst

2. (Benji, Joel) Either of the 2 brothers in the band Good Charlotte (GC), who play a terrible live show and sold out upon the release of their single "Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous". To be avoided at all costs.
1. John Madden: "I think the team that scores the most points tonight is going to win this football game, Al"
Al Michaels: "Right you are, John."

2. Let's go punch the Madden brothers in their respective vaginas.
by oberchode March 07, 2006
A video game notoriously hated by girlfriends and wives.
I wanted to talk to my boyfriend about our future but he was too busy playing Madden.
by GEUP August 23, 2008
A popular video game about professional football. For reasons beyond me, you can't consider yourself a girl if you like this, because your man would rather get his hands on this instead of you. Likewise, you can't consider yourself a man if you don't like it at least a little. Madden is basically a $50 penis.
Bob would rather play with his Madden video game than his girlfriends vajayjay.
by Tikibarberfan February 02, 2010
Verb. A slang term used to fool your significant other into thinking that your just going over to a co-workers house to play Madden on the PS2, when you actually go over there to get drunk and have sex with your co-workers wife.
Honey, can I go play Madden at Johns house?

Sure just don't take too long.

Trust me baby, I can't go that long!
by filasexfiend September 29, 2006
Generaly to go on a night out with lots of drink/drugs.
I'm going on one big madden tonight!
by StupidHeron5446 July 17, 2010
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