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A wide strap with rings at the end used to carry baby children close to the adult body.
baby slings are a practical way for active people carrying babies.
by Jaybona November 28, 2009
A version of the Brazilian drink caipirinha that uses vodka in place of cachaça. A mixture of vodka, cane sugar and lemon juice
When you want to be fancy in Brazil ask for a caipirosca instead of a caipirinha.
by Jaybona October 28, 2009
Manage one's existence barely.
Patients tend not to wear his hearing aids if they can scrape by without them.
by Jaybona December 12, 2009
A hard drink from Brazil. Mainly a mixture of cachaça and fruit juices sweetned with cane sugar and blender mixed.
In popular fairs in Brazil you can drink batida made from different fuits.
by Jaybona October 28, 2009
An alcoholic drink very common in Brazilian young people parties. A mixture of vodka and a soft drink such as Tang and water or fruit juices.
In many brazilian parties you pay an admission fee and can drink beer and gummy as you wish.
by jaybona October 28, 2009
An ancient measure used in Europe to sell imported brown sugar similarly shaped as bread loafs.
The famed mountain in Rio de Janeiro city, Brazil received this name from early explorers as having the same shape as sugar loafs.
Dutchmen sold sugar as a sugar loaf.
by Jaybona October 11, 2009
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