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the straight-off-the-boat-irish way to say idiot.
that leprechaun just called me an "ijit"
by Packard January 26, 2005
a funny way to say "idiot"
John never uses his turn signal because he's an ijit
by Russell July 12, 2004
Simple term for "idiot"; slang term for "idiot".
"Did you see that ijit cut me off back there?"; "Are you an ijit?"; "Blooming ijit!"
#idjit #idiot #dolt #moron #slang
by Caghs March 20, 2009
an idiot that is also a midget.
*short kid tries to diss you
person 2: you ijit
#idot #midget #dumbass #short #stupid
by rawr22221111333333 April 03, 2012
An idiot, moron, mindless dron (in some casses).
Girl one: You ijit
Girl two: Oh yeah! Well I can make up words too! eiroewkewoi!!
#moron #idiot #mindless #stupid #dumb
by Duzz July 10, 2008
a combination of the word "idiot" and "jerk," but in context has a definition of the word "moron."

Ij is short for Ijit.
Don't put my cat in the microwave you ijit!
#idiot #jerk #moron #asshole #fag
by tubatime January 19, 2007
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