When someone says something wrong that was obvious.
"hey my birthdays tommarow!" -Person 1

"Dude, tight, happy birthday!" -Person 2

"Wait no I thought it was in September" -Person 3

"...wow dude it is September.." - Person 2

" dude you stoopid, scrape!" - Person 1

Person 3 scrape for being stupid
by SunniSurfer September 10, 2008
A term used in reference to a sexually transmitted disease.
A sexually transmitted disease.
Yo dog, you take it easy and watch out for them scrapes!
That bitch gave me the scrapes.
Doctor, i think i got the scrapes.
by L-Town September 12, 2006
1)Someone who is constantly using your shit, copying your homework, bumming rides, or borrowing money but never pays you back. Also known as a scam.

2)To borrow from someone.
1)person: dood give me your homework.
me: your a fuckin scrape

2)me: hey man can i scrape some cash im broke.
by Andy1524 January 24, 2008
To pick someone up in your vehicle.
"You tryin' to have me scrape you?"
"Want me to scrape you after work?"
"I'm about to skate through and scrape you up."
by mgrizzay March 31, 2008
A highly sexual person (usually female).
That Chick's a scrape.
by Beroy August 03, 2007
noun: A person who listens or joins into the conversations of people unbeknown to him.

verb 1: to scrape, or scrape in, involving yourself in other peoples discussions.

verb 2: Scrape, or Scrape out! is said to scrapes when they scrape in. It then grew into generally meaning "go away". Can be used in lot's of situations
"Gerald is such a scrape, we were chattin about Laura and he joins in like he knows me"

"Bob totally scraped into their group, he's a twat"

jim: *punches Mark*
Mark: "Scrape out you dickhead!"
by shank everymans January 20, 2006
To fuck someone. Sexual intercourse
Do you scrape in the shower, son?
by grant January 08, 2004

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