Someone who does just enough work to not get noticed slacking. Someone who scrapes by on the minimum amount of work.
Man 1:"Dude, do you ever do anything?"

Man 2: "Yes!"

Man 1: "You just do enough that the boss doesn't know you're a slacker. Scrape!"

"This paper sucks. You barely met the requirements. You're a goddamn scrape."
by stuff4stuff February 24, 2009
A girl who has sex with a lot of guys or "gets around". Basically a ho/whore.
Sheena: "she just had sex with jojo last nite and now she's all up on robert".

Larayne: "Girl. Why r u acting so suprised. evrybody knows Natalie's a scrape."
by Kandygrl March 21, 2010
A girl who has sex with a lot of guys. A whore/ho.
Lisa: "Damn. She just had sex with Jojo last night and now she's all up on Robert."

Nina: "Girl. Why r u acting so suprised? U know she's a scrape.
by Kandygrl7 March 20, 2010
Scissor Rape. As in a woman raping another woman.
"If you keep dressing like that I will scrape you"
by TarynUpMyHeartx3 January 24, 2010
A Term mainly used in videogames , which mainly means 'raping' scrubs , scrubs are used in videogames which is technically the same thing as noob,
DUDE ! you just scraped those noobs , lets teabag them yeah?
by LickMe831 October 04, 2010
a young lady that clamins to be a flert but every knows she is the town ho
you cant turn a ho in to a house wife!
aka a scrape
by RoErob March 19, 2009
Gassing and breaking your car repeatedly really fast so that the front and rear bumpers "scrape" the pavement; while going hyphy
"Now scrape (SCRAPE) scrape (SCRAPE) scrape (SCRAPE) scrape (SCRAPE), put ya stunna shades on..." - E-40, Tell Me When to Go
by EmDub April 14, 2006

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