A nervous statement that displays uncertainty.
Person 1: Are you really legally blind?
Person 2: Barely...uh..yeah, but baaaarely....
by ladycraic March 27, 2015
Highly attractive young women who are barely old enough to 1) date an adult legally OR 2) drink alcohol. In either case, barelies are not normally suitable for long-term relationships or intelligent conversation.
Dude, look at those two barelies going into Jamba Juice. Oh my God!
by jizzinmyplants June 30, 2009
Term used by only the kintriest of southerners, usually followed by a use of the word tho and/or bet. Usually said as an uncomplete sentence just for the sake of saying it.
started in Baird Texas.
Barely though. freakin' bet bro.
by Notcole123 April 10, 2016
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