A space-opera fairy tale apparently believed by otherwise mentally-functioning adults, and which was simply made up by L. Ron Hubbard who famously proclaimed:

"if you want to make a million dollars, start a religion!" The Church of Scientology was born.

Remarkably, "Scientology" is banned in Germany because even those very contrite Germans don't have to take THAT degree of bullshit.

Ron L Hubbard maybe did not specifically mention kissing major celebrity ass to attract lots of gullible people to "Scientology". But all that Celebrity ass-kissing works really well for sucking in the 'recruits' - new members who are then systematically brainwashed, exploited and have their entire lives controlled, cult-style.

Also you may not know of Ronnie's "faithful" members causing stupid harm other members' lives if such member comes to their senses and try to get OUT of Sci-fi 'tology.

You can go debunk "Scientology" right now on the website Operation Clambake:


... unless you happen to already BE a 'Scientologist' in which case you are given a special COS web browser that blocks out all reality from your computer screen.
I suspected my date was a little off in the head until she said she was "into Scientology just like Will Smith" at which point I pretended to go to the washroom and went home.
by JonasOfToronto April 29, 2009
A dangerous cult that masquerades as a religion and exploits vulnerable people.
Loads of really cool celebrities like Tom Cruise are into Scientology
by John James John Smith March 16, 2008
scientology - 75 billion years ago, (3 times longer then the universe is belived to be by top scientists) in a federation of 11 galaxy's, warlord 'xenu' the dominant figure in the federation had a population crisis, so paraletic drugs were administored to trillions of the populus and then they were transported via dc-10 space planes, planes from the 50's and 60's, they were then dropped around the planet earths volcano's, and then atom bombs were fired inside them to instantly kill the trillions of 'thetans'. To stop the souls from escaping xenu had large force fields and ghost hovers to suck up the souls of the 'thetans' and placed them in 3-D viewing stations, basically 3-D cinema which showed 'xenu's' false gods, every other relgious belife and left them to wonder the planet eternally, but intellegent life formed and the thetans massed around the hosts and poisoned ther minds with relgion, and scientology claims to be the only way to remove this unhappyness through auditing sessions,and through a perminant subcription, and constatnt purchasing of over 3000 books on how to live in a scientological fashion. The creator as im sure you know was l.ron.hubbard, the most sly sex pest know to have exsisted, the law should forbid scientology to exsist due to it being utterly rediculous beyond belife and reason, its a money sapping con and will lead to disspear and brainwashing.
if your a follower of scientology please kill youself
by jon puzzle February 04, 2008
Dangerous cult founded by Lafayette Ronald Hubbard when his shite attempts at science fiction epics failed to make him a zillionaire. Ropes people in by pretending to be a counselling service. Consists of an underclass of ordinary mortals who are charged through the soles of their boots for the chance to grab a hold of cheap electrical gizmos and read still cheaper sci-fi masquerading as a cross between psychiatry and cosmology, and an upper crust of celebrities like Tom Cruise and John Travolta who are treated with kid gloves for their PR value. Among its out groups are psychiatrists and doctors ... well, ya gadda keep the more honest competition away. Avoid if you wish to stay solvent, if you wish to stay sane, if you fancy enjoying some good old-fashioned noisy childbirth ... or if you fancy eating clams.
Scientology. Pulp science fiction's answer to the Mormon Church.
by Fearman November 04, 2007
A dangerous & manipulative pseudo-religious cult that promotes a fake religion through Hollywood (suitably called Hollyweird) connection by claiming to help eliminate unhappy memories & negative emotions from human consciousness to achieve the "Clear" status in order to attain superhuman powers like possessing the healing power of Jesus Christ, flying like Superman & fulfilling the fantasy of a mediocre Chevy Chase movie "Memoirs of an Invisible Man".

The Church of Scientology was invented by L. Ron Hubbard who stated "the way to make a million dollars is to start a religion" in response to the run-away best-selling success of his self-help book "Dianetics" in the 50's to the stunned amazement of his fellow accomplished science fiction writers. Worse than Dominionism & Mormon Church in their strong-arming tactics reminiscent of severe threat of ostracization & bodily harm, torture & re-education in totalitarian regimes. Three things Scientology runners & its devout fucked in the head members hate the most: psychiatry, IRS and anti-Scientology bashers on the Internet.

It's no wonder European countries, Germany in particular, vigorously prosecute Scientology for its shady money-making scheme conspiring to brainwash & dupe people into donating huge portion of their hard-earned incomes through selling houses, cars, properties, et cetera (in cases of rich Hollywood actors & established musicians, advancing through the courses would be easier by immediately paying hundreds of thousands out of pocket)

Google to read the unbelievably insane June 1983 Penthouse interview with L. Ron Hubbard Junior (the founder's own son who was born severely premature because of a botched abortion by his daddy) who called the pseudo-religion Scientology "and other cults one-dimensional, and we live in a three-dimensional world. Cults are as dangerous as drugs. They commit the highest crime: the rape of the soul."

Scientology is a reprehensibly sick & monstrously evil cult & must be wiped off the face of the Earth. It hates humankind by taking the advantage of uninformed people to exploit for greed & destroy lives by blackmail & violence if they try to bolt for the exit. Yet it continues to enjoy the freedom of religion guaranteed under the First Amendment, just like Mormon church founder Joseph Smith Junior took advantage of the Constitution to start a horseshit religion to mind fuck & control believers & converts in the quest for the Almighty Dollar.
Katie Holmes is a smart, spirited & marginally talented Catholic woman who became yet another two-bit brainwashed celebrity victim because her flamer love Tom Cruise (who uses her as his beard) insist that she try being audited by Scientologist counselors...good grief Nicole Kidman called bullshit & got dumped by him.
by Sieg Heil Neocon June 14, 2005
Bat-shit fucking crazy.
"Hey, I hear that scientology is bat-shit crazy" says John
Eric retorts "You know, you're right!"
by TheConquerer February 07, 2008
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