A famous movie about a cuban druglord named Tony Montana (played by Al Pacino). He kills lots of people over drug deals, snorts coke, and makes his life big in America, but when he fails to kill a guy with his wife and 2 kids in a car, a guy named Sosa orders a million guys to kill Montana & his henchmen, but Montana kills nearly all of them before they can get to him. However, some pussy whos afraid to show himself shoots Montana from behind. The greatest movie I ever saw.
" I'll take you all to fu#$ing hell! " - Tony Montana in Scarface.
by SanMahn February 20, 2010
Sprinkling a substantial amount of cocaine on to a woman’s vagina and then preceding to eat her out.
She thoroughly enjoys my aggressive scarface.
by AP747 January 31, 2011
One of the best rappers to hit the game.. Top 5.. Nas is the best of course.. Rapper who lays shit down like dolo.
Scarface is God.. You know how we do.. Scarface rocks da joint
by Deetsx December 12, 2004
A slang for cocaine taken from the famous movie by "el dirto."
#1: Don't fuck with me or I will roll into that place scar face style.
#2: I was hanging out with Scar Face until 6AM last night.
by #46 July 25, 2004
After a male ejaculates in a vertical orientation upon a reflective glass surface, a separate individual places the nasal orifice along the ejaculate and inhales through the nasal passage way.
Your mom Scarfaced me last night
by DFPR November 06, 2008
the most overrated movie ever made.
dude goodfellas kicks the shit out of scarface
by thecowboy69 September 03, 2008
an overrated unrealistic gangster movie. all the hip-pop artist like it, and compare themselves to him. pretty much every studio gangster loves this movie for some reason. like tony 'yeyo' who's dumbass cant even spell 'lello' right.

a more realistic crime movie would be something along the lines of menace 2 society, or blow. and other movies that dont glorify it. you end up either making a complete waste of your life, and in the end, have nothing, and are in prison while your parents die, or get killed before you ever make it out of the ghetto.
every wigger, and wannabe, has to have some air force ones, and a scarface poster.
by krayzie bone December 12, 2006

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