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Oprah is an evil BITCH! She once denied the make a Wish Foundation when a kid with cancer's dying wish was to meet oprah she denied him and she wasn't even busy. SHE IS A DEVIL!
I hate Oprah so god damn much
by amimal22 October 19, 2007
Easily the greatest movie ever! Starring Al Pacino (one of the greatest actors of our time), Steve Bauer (Manny), and Michelle Pheifer (Tony's girlfriend) A perfect portrayal of the American dream in Miami in the 1980s. Type of movie you can watch over and over agian and quote through the whole thing. You haven't lived until you watch Scarface.
"Who do I trust? ME!"-Tony Montana, Scarface
by amimal22 October 19, 2007
A hell hole like no other. A place that makes suicide look like a logical explanation for solving your problems. A place that you can't escape and get yelled at by the demons of society, teachers. Here you learn shit never to be used again in your entire life. DROP OUT!
School is worse than prison man.
by amimal22 October 19, 2007
A frickn sweet new style of a skateboard from Razor. If you have ever heard of the "Wave" than this is basically a much better version. Warning: Ripsticking is exremely addictive. Get it at your nearest Sharper Image.
Dude I can't stop ripsticking. It's like a drug.
by amimal22 October 19, 2007
A word that Cartman from the show South Park often uses but no one thinks it's cool.
"Awww that's hella cool!"-Cartman
by amimal22 October 19, 2007
The greatest team in the MLB. Sure we trade a lot but who doesn't. People bitch about how the only way we win is because we're rich. Well fuck off to all those people where do you think all that money came from dumbass.
Derek Jeter=God of the Yankees
by amimal22 October 19, 2007

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