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Expression that means, "better than good." When you are bangin a freak, you must take the phone off da hook to avoid interruption, so the literal definition of "off da hook" means "better than sex" but people use it similar to "off the charts."
The party last nite was the shizzle, there were so many hot chicks it was off da hook.
by dracula June 17, 2004
Outrageously, superlatively kick-ass. So bad-ass you can't fuck widdit.
MojoMan, coughing uncontrollably, tears in his eyes: "Dammit, man! That shit is offdahook! Where'd you get it?"
by stashgordon May 11, 2003
some thing really cool and exciting, interesting and fun.
someone who is totally fucked up
1) yo this party is off da hook!
2) yo that girl is off da hook with drugs
by Alex May 24, 2003
Can be used in speaking about basketball or marrowwind
That shot was off da hook
by Anonymous August 04, 2003
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