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Discovering stuff, but in a roundabout/meandering/gooey/semi-tard way. A moniker for an exploratory, but inaccurate and possibly clumsy person. Can also be used like a verb. A combination of the verb "to flagellate" and the explorer Magellan.
I was a total Flagellan as I made my through the unfamiliar neighborhood.

I flagellan-ed through the huge mall, unsure where I was going.
by bl4cksh33p February 07, 2010
Noun. Yawnison occurs when two people yawn at the same time. A derivative of "yawn" and "unison".
She was visibly tired, and seeing her yawn made me yawn, resulting in yawnison.
by bl4cksh33p February 07, 2010
(bohr-iff-eye'-ing), -adjective; def: when the depth of mind-numbing boredom is so far-reaching, such a vast maw (see: mawesome) that one is literally horrified by the void of stimulus. Often inspires irrational fear that nothing will ever be interesting again.
The braggart droned on about his musical career... The conversation was so long and bad it was borrifying!
by bl4cksh33p February 07, 2010
Mimicking that scene in the movie Scarface, when Al Pacino drags his face through a pile of cocaine. An expression of extreme desire and excess. Can be applied to anything that is so awesome that you'd literally like to put your face in it.
I'm so hungry I could scarface through a whole cake.

Or: She's so hot that I'd like to scarface her crotch.
by bl4cksh33p February 07, 2010

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