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To pwn someone while they're not around or quietly so they cannot hear you.
Man 1: You suck.

Man 2 *quietly* faggot!

Man 2 to Man 1: Silent pwn!!
#silent #pwn #own #powerfully #not #around
by SanMahn September 05, 2009
A famous movie about a cuban druglord named Tony Montana (played by Al Pacino). He kills lots of people over drug deals, snorts coke, and makes his life big in America, but when he fails to kill a guy with his wife and 2 kids in a car, a guy named Sosa orders a million guys to kill Montana & his henchmen, but Montana kills nearly all of them before they can get to him. However, some pussy whos afraid to show himself shoots Montana from behind. The greatest movie I ever saw.
" I'll take you all to fu#$ing hell! " - Tony Montana in Scarface.
#scarface #al #pacino #tony #montana #best #movie #ever #1983
by SanMahn February 20, 2010
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