This takes place when a man and a woman are having sex. If the woman refuses to have give the man a blowjob, then the man repetitively cock slaps the woman in the face. This will leave leave large welts on her face and could possibly even make her bleed.
"Why do we call kristin scarface" Ethan asks.

"Cause that bitch wouldnt suck my dick!!" Troy replies
by Troy from Boo-town February 22, 2008
Jeet's left nut, not the right one.
Oh, I just bust a scarface on that bitch.
by Divyang January 19, 2005
One of the best rappers to the game of rap.
Scarface The Diary (album)
Scarface - No tears (song)
by Symp August 13, 2003
A jealous and possessive older sibling, from the scene where Tony murders his longtime friend Manny.
"I really wish I hadn't busted a nut in Robbie's sister's brown zero... now he wants to go scarface on me."


"Did you see the look on Dog's face when Ray kissed his sister? He's going scarface."
by Total Penetration May 23, 2005
Many people have gotten into fights with giant tigers, but this girl has gotten into a fight with the species known as: The domestic housecat. It's very deadly claws have injured this "Gina's" face, which is now ass ugly.
Damn, I would totally fuck scarface.
Dude, I'd rather fuck the cat!
by master of your mom April 01, 2003
The most gayest movie of all time gives colombians a bad name one of the most wannabes of all time
Albert: Damn that Scarface is one fucking wannabe

John: The only person who did all that is Pablo Escobar

Josh: True
by colom14bia November 08, 2006
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