Lively, bold and full of spirit
Gerard Way is sassy.
by Kim k August 20, 2015
lively, bold, and full of spirit; cheeky.
Gerard Way is too sassy.
So sassy, Mikey got use to it
by Morgan bruh February 05, 2015
Sarcastic in a cute kind of way. Lots of attitude but in the end very appreciative.
Ryan and Kaite are beyond sassy
by Gibsolil September 21, 2014
cheeky, funny, smart, cool
louis tomlinson is the queen of sass. he's so sassy.
by rxnjjx October 21, 2015
To be one with the ways of the sass
Damn that Dominique is a sassy bitch
by matty1ce April 14, 2015
Someone who is throwin’ a lot of attitude in a sarcastic yet truthful manner. They posses saucy tendencies with hint of a smart-aleck, snarky crass.

Coworker Tim: Jon, you sassy af.
Coworker Jon: What do you mean?
Coworker Tim: You know exactly what I mean. Quit with that sass.
Jon, you sassy af.
by DatThatDat April 26, 2016
The great, sparkly love of Sam Winchester and Castiel on the TV show Supernatural. Sammy + Cas = ~*~SASSY~*~

It came about thusly:
Sam: OMG an angel yay
Cas: You is a boy with the demon blood, DNW
Sam: ;_; ;_;

But then after that they fell in love so it all worked out. Sassy otp
by Magnel May 17, 2010
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