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an awesome last name for mexicans. very common last name among the mexican community.
that beaner's last name is Garcia.
by iuberheartteddy May 10, 2006
A slang term in California for a gigantic penis, so called because most people know that the typical man of Mexican descent has a penis of above average proportions.
My boyfriend was a true garcia. I could barely fit his dong inside me, but I got good at giving hand jobs.
by ramongarcia August 20, 2009
Garcia are hard worker, there like ten Garcia work at my job...
They just fire one Garcia now they just hired a new one,.don't.we have like ten Garcia...
by bean bag July 24, 2015
A really beaner guy who probably likes tapatio on everything he eats and has too many kids to fit in one car but does so anyways
I saw garcia at the grocery store yesterday, he had all 13 of his kids following him through the isles.
by littlelouie97 February 19, 2015
a very common name for brasilians and other type of people that only mexican
That brasilan guy last name is garcia or that american guy last name is garcia
by niceguy101 July 07, 2011

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