Sassy is the fabulous attitude created by swaggy people who know how to flip it and click it. -*clicks fingers with sass*
Person 1: Did you see her last night?
Person 2: who?
Person 3: oh puhleaseee! Maya the queen of sass of course?!
Person 2: oh, hell yeah I did! She wormed off that stage with her swag in her pocket and her sass on her hips!! She's just so damn SASSY
by mayathequeenofsass July 30, 2013
Sarcastic in a cute kind of way. Lots of attitude but in the end very appreciative.
Ryan and Kaite are beyond sassy
by Gibsolil September 21, 2014
Being like Ana Lekic
Angie wishes she was a sassy as Ana
by sassy101010 June 24, 2014
For a person to be sarcastic. or rude
god tara is been so sassy right now
by tarasmilf May 13, 2010
Rude. Disrespectful.
Her boss eventually grew tired of her sassy remarks and decided to let her go.
by Your Old Man March 13, 2013
Rude and disrespectful; impudent.

Lively and spirited; jaunty.

Stylish; chic:
by helloooooooooooo :~) May 27, 2013
A self-description used by women who think they are more intelligent than they actually are.
Sorry, but the only thing you have plenty of is shit in your stomach. Nothing Sassy there.
by MargaretThatcher January 04, 2011

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