The rare name for a rare man who is muscular, tall, and sadly self concious and rather shy. He can also be very charismatic when he comes out of his shell.
That Perry is one heck of a guy, once you get to know him.
by Snickerzgurly January 08, 2008
where you stick your cock in someones ear.
i am gonna perry you good
by fishhh April 09, 2004
a super-cute wonderful guy, who has a bright spirit and can do anything! he has a great heart, and can brighten anyone's day!!
i wish i had a perry!!
by that111 February 02, 2010
To cheat and take advantage of people in Scrabble by lying and playing words that do not exist in any multiverse.
Did you just pull a Perry by placing that misspelled word on the Scrabble board?
by Snow Queen July 06, 2014

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