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Means "bitter rose", though far from being bitter herself. She laughs all the time and her smile can light up a room. She is a natural beauty. Though clumsy, she has the funniest stories to tell. Loves kids and loves her family and friends. Very smart.
Rosemary is very sweet and beautiful.
by Dude10 March 10, 2010
She is a Jordanian princes sent to rite all the wrongs of the world with her mad ninja skills. She makes killer rice and pot roast. Don't get her too mad she has the strength of a giant and can pick up a baby stroller and throw it at you even if you are 50 feet away. If you were to ever befriend a Rosemary you would be super lucky.
Damn did you see that Rosemary she totally kicked that chicks ass and beat her down with a baby stroller.
by Velma Juggs February 05, 2010
She looks for the beauty in everything and is extremely independent. She's got a bit of trust issues, but definitely has an understanding of the world. Rosemary's love alone time and to pursue her hobbies. Rosemary's are elegant and beautiful and courteous, forever putting others before themselves. Rosemary's are kind-hearted and as gentle as a rose, as the name implies. When you're friends with a Rosemary, you'll be friends for life. She keeps secrets and would never betray anyone. Sometimes has a short temper, but usually only because she is trying to defend those she cares about.
Rosemary is the most amazing girl I've ever met.
by midnightdancer January 05, 2014
A canon pairing from Homestuck that involves the characters Kanaya Maryam and Rose Lalonde. It is also a ship that Andrew Hussie has yet to sink.
"Aww,look at all the Rosemary fanart on tumblr!"
by TentacleAuxiliatrix January 05, 2014
She is easily loved, however loving her can make you go crazy because she is a fuckup. She is clumsy and dumb and ruins everything she touches on even though she means well.
Jesus fucking Christ Rosemary!
I love you to pieces Rosemary, but you're a fuckup!
by William.E.I April 21, 2016
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