Rude. Disrespectful.
Her boss eventually grew tired of her sassy remarks and decided to let her go.
by Your Old Man March 13, 2013
Term used for a foreign woman, preferably from southeast Asia, that is brought over to the united states by a White U.S. Military service member between 1960 and 1972 to be a housewife.
Staff sergeant Smith brought back a hot Sassy from the war.
by transgress January 16, 2012
the act of being sarcastic.
Chelsea, your middle name should be sassy because you tend to come off as if you are sassy when you are being sarcastic.
by whatdoyousay November 16, 2009
the adjective with an ambiguous yet positive meaning to be used as a compliment when describing someone when you can't think of any words to describe them with. It always works in making the person feel good.
"You are....... uhhhhh.... sassy..."
by Suzanne December 28, 2003
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