acronym for "Shannen And Pavel"

It's used to express the loves between these two inseparable couples.
SAP 4 ever!
Did you see SAP making out in English class?! I sure did!
by RayBan2 February 17, 2009
To Get something more out of something said to be finished.
Dude...i sapped the bong for 2 more hits when my friend said it was empty.
by Diazmet September 11, 2008
Stands for 'Stand Alone Player'. Used to make the distinction between players driven by your computer and players that run on their own embedded operating system. Typically used for DVD-players.
Does it the movie fail when you play it in your SAP or on your PC?
by Wizzra April 10, 2006
to drink some of someone else's drink, not have a large "sip" of their drink, but just a small taste, just enough to "sap on".
"Yo blood, let me sap on that 7up"
by andre May 28, 2003
short a pube, politicly correct instead of short a cunt hair
s.a.p. for a ringer.
by randy33 October 19, 2007
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