SAPS: an acronym for Severe Affective Paranoia Syndrome. The prime symptom of SAPS patients is that they are irrationally and unreasonably anxious about low risk threats and tend to not consider much higher risk situations.
"SAPS patients tend to live in gated communities, drive SUV's, and buy anthrax insurance." or, "This SAPS mother gave her daughter a cell phone so she could contact her in case of disaster, but never allowed her out into the real world so that she could learn to note risky situations in advance and thus avoid disaster."
by D.B. Cameron October 06, 2003
saggy ass pusssy
damm brianna has a nasty sap
#vagina #pussy #clit #saggy #wet
by urselaaaaaa July 14, 2008
Stands for Southern American Princess. This is kind of like "JAP" (Jewish American Princess) but for wealthy girls from the south. (primarily girls from Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, and South Carolina)
You should have seen the saps being presented at that belle ball.
#redneck #plantation #the south #confederate #belle #debutante #dixie #jap #wasp
by Whitney S September 21, 2007



Someone who's really goodlooking or hot.
She/he's a S.A.P. (seriously attractive person).
#sap #attractive #person #seriously #s #a #p #s.a.p #s. a. p.
by rolomog February 06, 2012
A young girl who is risky to approach, not only because of her age but because it is likely she will not yield any affection. Acronym for Statuatory And Prude (SAP). Popular usage is in colleges when juniors or seniors are looking at freshman girls or high school seniors.
There were some good looking girls at the basketball game, but I think most of them were a bunch of SAP s. When we asked them to come to the party, they acted scared.
#jailbait #statuatory #prude #chicks #skirts
by RJ Saturday November 04, 2006
to take a drink of something
Hey dawg, let me sap on that piece
by h-player May 28, 2003
acronym for "Shannen And Pavel"

It's used to express the loves between these two inseparable couples.
SAP 4 ever!
Did you see SAP making out in English class?! I sure did!
#love #pavel #shannen #sape #and #not sap
by RayBan2 February 17, 2009
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