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A word to describe some of the amazing talent you can find on youtube, myspace and any other multitude of entertainment sites.

These people are in no way famous and can usually go out in public without being mobbed, but still have a very large following usually in the hundreds of thousands.

There is also a chance these people will become truly famous; ie. a house hold name.
"Hey have you ever heard that sick guitarist KillrBuckeye on youtube? He can shred like a demon!!"

"No man he must be unfamous"

"Hell yeah! Who the fuck wants to be famous?"
by OpiatedONE August 21, 2009
A person who will attempt to make you repeat what you just said to give them a little more time to think of something to smart to say and/or make you look dumb for repeating yourself.

Usually using the guise that they didn't hear or understand you, this is becoming extremely common.

Hard to defend against, but sometimes just waiting a minute or calling their bluff may win the day.
Social Example-
you: "hey dude what happened to that cute girl you were gonna ask out"
staller: "what?"
you: "i said where's that cute girl that you were.."
staller: "o that GIRL, she died"
you: "fuck off you heard me the first time"

Work Example-
you: "hey would it be okay if I went and finished that job?"
staller: "what did you say?"
you: "you heard me"
staller: "yeah, no that would be a good idea"
by OpiatedONE February 01, 2010
1. One sexy lady hump
2. One of the worlds biggest suckjobs, first one to get promoted at her job.. which is sucking.. sometimes seen on urbandictionary making up stuff that isn't there, such as this definition
1. Rianna gets you drunk off her humps
2. Every day in Rianna, a fierce drive motivates her to accomplish her work for the day, a need.. a desire.. a job... sucking
by OpiatedONE February 04, 2010
An acronym for soon as possible, useful when you don't have time to write/text ASAP (as soon as possible). Also reduces spoken form of ASAP to one syllable, which in the course of a lifetime may save months of wasted speech.
txt me SAP
by OpiatedONE May 26, 2010

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