Originally a person who is a wuss when it comes to rain, however it now refers to all people who are wusses
Man Buck is such a sap, it's barely raining and hes wearing a goddamn Gordon the Fisherman Jacket.
by repoclause April 13, 2006
sigma alpha pi sorority, high school sorority accented by awesome dances and community service
The sophomore girls got invited into SAPS this week.
by joannabb September 19, 2005
to drink something or toke. the action of it.
"Hey lemme sap that drink."

"Don't sap that, its dirty."

by wallylando November 29, 2007
The substance that comes out of your man tree, i.e. sperm.
Natedogg, you'd better have been climbing a freakin' tree. You have sap all over your shorts bro.
by Mavericklax4 April 27, 2007
Sap is a term used in mess halls,firehouses, and greasy spoon restaurants to identify Pancake Syrup.
"Yo Mack. Please pass the salt and pepper and shoot me the sap too."
by Jim Inman August 16, 2006
Spoiled American Princess-Typical american girl who thinks she should be worshipped and adored like a queen. Demands attention wherever she goes and pitches huge bitch-fits if she doesn't get her way right away. Can't accept competition of any sort or that other girls may have something that she doesn't. A product of poor baby boomer parenting.
Janice: Uh oh, here comes Kerry.
Mark: What's wrong with her.
Janice: She is the biggest SAP. I feel sorry for her when she goes to college, she's going to be so dissapointed.
by m1z_w1z_11 September 03, 2005
Sad And Proud!

SAP, someone who knows that his/her actions or interests aint cool or 120, but are nonetheless happy....no, "Proud" to continue!

In recent years due to the resurgence to popularity of the 'geek' culture SAP has been transformed from an insult to a huge compliment.
David:" hey Bob, did u watch that programme on the lives of dinosaurs n how they interact?"

Bob: "David, you're such a SAP!"

David: "I know" :)
by The Raging Ju January 08, 2005

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