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An absolute mauling of the english language, originally used for abreviations while sending an SMS. Yet some people (or ppl) insist on using at other times when there are no limitations set on the number of characters available.
u cumin out 2nite, we gonna go lern 2 spell
by Phil November 11, 2003
File extension for plain text files.
as in "filename.txt"
by Mervin May 21, 2004
1. An SMS message
2. A version of the english language made up of phonetic abbreviations, designed for SMS messaging on moblie phones to use the least amount of characters or digits.
1. I will txt you back later
2. Ill txt u bk l8r
by DashW October 30, 2004
its whn u tlk like dis 2 rite msgs fstr
i jst txtd u n xmpl
by Rhasiir July 26, 2009
The simplification of the English Language to create a simpler way of communicating, originally found in Instant Messages, Text Messages, and Chats but is now spilling over into other communication media.

See Newspeak
a txt message conversation would look like this:

OMG r u srs

ys rents r bng jrks


by Coolerking February 12, 2009
is like text in text messaging
heyy did you recieve my txt last night? :)
by :) anonymous :) October 21, 2008
dbags/tools who are either too ignorant or too lazy to actually type out a word in its true form. most people have phone featuring a full qwerty keyboards, use it.
friend1: R U 2 the Prty do u wanna go wth me i luv to txt
Ex-friend: No not with a person who is incapable of using words in there true form, or can't use the proper punctuation.
by Guesswho02 October 30, 2009
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