Proud ancient family name of very resilient people all over the world. Usually work in high places in government, finance, administration, and make the best doctors, lawyers, priests, royals, entrepreneurs, artists, scientists, kings and presidents. Also a synonym for intelligence, loving, bravery, important, teacher, healer, pride, royalty, mystic, tolerant, virtue, karma.
king, royalty, president, doctor, lawyer, tolerant, minister, karma, love, teacher, advisor, strength, pride.
Sanchez is the smartest person I know
Sanchez haters are usually racist and ignorant
by BigSanchez February 03, 2010
Because if you are a fat mexican, you can still jump fences and get away from the cops
How did sanchez get away, when he was the only fat one?

Because hes brown
by hodgeadarious February 13, 2011
doing a 'sanchez', to pose naked with a guitar, depending upon the participant it would be their preference whether the guitar coverd up the genitals or not.
For the enjoyment of others, a boy poses naked with a guitar covering up his genitals this would be considered Doing a 'sanchez'.
by Matt Stim April 16, 2008
A moustache made from a smear of human shit !
Take your girlfriend from behind; when you are about to shoot your load; stick your finger up her arse and retreive a piece of shit and wipe it right across her top lip - SANCHEZ!!!
by Peanuts May 15, 2007
this is the classic haggard-ass mustache that is split in the center.this ranchey latino looking stache goes very well with the hairdo the mullet.its mostly worn by redneck hillbillies,latinos,and teenagers who are trying to grow facial hair witch they think looks like it makes them look old enough to by beer.

i need to shave i think i have a sanchez coing in.
i need to shave i think i have a sanchez coming in.
by SIR DIRTY SANCHEZ February 28, 2005
To disappear randomly and without prior warning often in the pursuit of an illicit adventure.
Where’s your brother? He’s gone Sanchez.

Things got so heavy I had to take myself Sanchez and was holed up in a hacienda in southern Mexico.

Mate I’ve got my girlfriend pregnant! Time to go Sanchez
by Ed Tempest October 31, 2007
A police officer in the San Antonio area. If you live in San Antonio and you ever look at the name tag of a cop it is almost always Sanchez. This also applies to the park police.
Hey Bill, did you just see those Sanchezes in the parking lot? They were driving around in the dark without their headlights on! Those Sanchezes are sneaky bastards!
by hare bear September 08, 2010

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