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The Dirt Bike from Grand Theft Auto. period.
PCJ 600, 900, Police Bike, Bicycle, Chopper and Sanchez are the motorbikes in gta.
by sykness1 March 21, 2011
The present tense of the word suck meaning that whatever you're doing, your doing it VERY poorly.
"Wow knock-knock jokes? this comedian is sucking!
by sykness1 February 01, 2011
verb. Giving in to the common mainstream media and gossip; Typical bandwagoning/bandwagonism. Also, believing the government's attempt to cover something up with a bogus story.
ex.1: Joe- "Did you hear about the farm that was blown up by a missile malfunction in Iowa?"

Dave- "Yeah, they said it was caused by an underground gas pipe rupture."

Joe- "Dude, don't be suckin the sack."

ex.2: Bob- "I'm a Miami Heat fan now."

Henry- "Huh? last week you were a Suns fan. Don't be suckin the sack.
by sykness1 February 01, 2011

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