It means nothing...and yet it means everything. A word often used as a friendly insult(1). Can also be used as a decorative word(2).
1. You being a Sanchez.

2. Pass the bottle Sanchez.
Pardon Sanchez.
What the Sanchez.
by E, K, and M Sanchez September 13, 2006
the only insult lower than social and fag combined
Guy 1: Dude the teacher was being a dick today
Guy 2: Nah he was being a sanchez
Guy 1: Thats low
by ozzierule13 September 10, 2009
(noun) a male Latino, esp. a beaner, who is generally hairy, dirty, smelly, unclassy, bum-like and generally sports the classic Latino moustache
There was a truckload of Sanchezes smuggled in to the lettuce farm to harvest the crop.
by TheGodfather1959 August 11, 2008
means nothing is going on; things are dead.(New York-Bronx)
Kid 1:"Yo son how was that party?"
Kid 2:"Son that shit was sanchez"
by Revolutionary Mind September 26, 2007
In Latin American culture, primarily Mexican, the nickname given to the man your wife cheats on you with.
Burch: Hey Carlos, so if your dad was out in Mexico all that time, who's your real dad?

Carlos: Sanchez!
by Billy Bob Bolivar September 27, 2006
Sanchez is a synonym for an anonymous mexican person. There are 6 other such synonyms for mexican person: Juarez, Juan, Rodriguez, Gonzales, Fernandez and Santiego. When using these synonyms in scentences, you can either use them by themselves or in pairs. (Juarez Gonzales over there is being lazy).
"you know why theres a giant wall in florida?" its because of all those damn sanchezes sneaking across the border"
by mwoo July 11, 2006
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