To disappear randomly and without prior warning often in the pursuit of an illicit adventure.
Where’s your brother? He’s gone Sanchez.

Things got so heavy I had to take myself Sanchez and was holed up in a hacienda in southern Mexico.

Mate I’ve got my girlfriend pregnant! Time to go Sanchez
by Ed Tempest October 31, 2007
A moustache made from a smear of human shit !
Take your girlfriend from behind; when you are about to shoot your load; stick your finger up her arse and retreive a piece of shit and wipe it right across her top lip - SANCHEZ!!!
by Peanuts May 15, 2007
Sanchez- noun. A plain white workvan that swerves all over the road, loaded with beaners. Usually has more rust than paint.

Sanchez- verb. To settle a score through vicious acts of vandalism.
n.~ I had a Sanchez in front of me and the fucking bumper fell off.

v.~ He talked to me like a bitch, so I sanchezed the living shit out of the place.
by Bill Murphy August 30, 2005
1. The REO...the Rifle Executive
2. A man of mexican descent, with a christmas tree on his stomach.
3. A term for catching every STD possible...including those of the opposite sex.
4. A Man who has had sex with 1450 different women, three cats, and and unknown number of "other".
"That girl was with Sanchez? Bro...check yourself out..."

Guy A - "Man i was so fucked last night! I banged three girls at the same time!"
Guy B - "I guess I should start calling you Sanchez..."
Guy A - "The crazy thing about it though is that I woke up in a barn..."
Guy B - "Yup...I should definitely call you Sanchez!"
by Tim Thompson March 31, 2008
It means nothing...and yet it means everything. A word often used as a friendly insult. Can also be used as a decorative word.
You being a Sanchez.

Pass the bottle Sanchez.
Pardon Sanchez.
What the Sanchez.
by E, K, and M Sanchez September 12, 2006
To vomit or dry hurl in the sober state, the day after becoming slizzard (drunk).
Man, I just sanchezed on the beach after drinking large amounts of iced tea.
by dmelnyczuk June 08, 2010
A white male who has gone on vacation and comes back looking like a mexican. if the person has a dirty mustache, this is all the better.
person 1 - "did you go away"
person 2 - "yes I did, may I ask why?"
person 1 - "because now you look like a sanchez"
by morganpriske April 18, 2008
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