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Employee and correspondant of CNN Headline News.
"That Rick Sanchez sure knows how to pretend like he cares."

Known for phrases such as, "...that son of a gun..." and "I hope somebody catches that son of a gun."

In these instances, Rick is referring to news story about two elderly woman who were mugged.

One of the elderly women said something in regards to, "I'm a hundred and one years old, you think I'm gonna run after a quote unquote "Mugga".
#rick sanchez #cnn #paula zahn #rick #sanchez
by Demonica Reeves March 18, 2007
A gay over-actor who believes he can sing.
Listen to her! She is such a Rick Sanchez...
#actors #singers #gay #diva #talent
by vanitykills92 May 16, 2010
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