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to lose one's shit; to become enraged or angry by the actions of another.
Terese Guidice flipped a table on Danielle Staub during the season finale of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

I totally flipped a table, but can you blame me, she spilled ketchup all over my Marc Jacobs shirt.

I'm going to flip a table if we don't get home before the Real Housewives of New Jersey season finale.
by lah_lah June 16, 2009
to pull off an awesome move to show aggravation, epicness, and/or create a defensive barrier during a gun fight
guy 1: LOOK OUT!!
guy 2: HIT MEN
guy 1: FLIP A TABLE!
guy 2: (╯‵Д′)╯彡┻━┻
guy 1: nice save there
by grand_table_flipper August 05, 2010
A term used to express one's sheer aggravation, madness, frustration, or anger at something.
If the bartender doesn't give me another shot of Jack Daniels, I am going to flip a table.
by Jilina September 29, 2005
1 - When overcome with anger or frustration you stand up and all the people at your table stand up together. You feel the impending sense that your friends will have your back at whatever is going down. Your rage boils over, you verbally assault the offender, and with no further options-you flip the table in front of you.

2 - In the absence of an actual table, the phrase can be used metaphorically.
1 - ....are you mackin' on my girl?!?! *everyone stands up* 'Foo you better get back.....*flip a table*

2 - This is well vodka....who does this bartender thinks he is? I'm bouts to flip a table!
by LeeRemick December 06, 2011
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