doing a 'sanchez', to pose naked with a guitar, depending upon the participant it would be their preference whether the guitar coverd up the genitals or not.
For the enjoyment of others, a boy poses naked with a guitar covering up his genitals this would be considered Doing a 'sanchez'.
by Matt Stim April 16, 2008
Top Definition
a slang term in Arizona for a man with a huge penis
I don't care if someone calls me "sanchez," because everyone knows that "sanchez" means a cool guy with a monster cock.
by erikrodriguez August 20, 2009
The Dirt Bike from Grand Theft Auto. period.
PCJ 600, 900, Police Bike, Bicycle, Chopper and Sanchez are the motorbikes in gta.
by sykness1 March 21, 2011
Proud ancient family name of very resilient people all over the world. Usually work in high places in government, finance, administration, and make the best doctors, lawyers, priests, royals, entrepreneurs, artists, scientists, kings and presidents. Also a synonym for intelligence, loving, bravery, important, teacher, healer, pride, royalty, mystic, tolerant, virtue, karma.
king, royalty, president, doctor, lawyer, tolerant, minister, karma, love, teacher, advisor, strength, pride.
Sanchez is the smartest person I know
Sanchez haters are usually racist and ignorant
by BigSanchez February 03, 2010
A last name... Simple as that. Can be a female or male with this last name. Doesn't have to be hispanic to have the last name. Doesn't have a weird mustache to have the last name either. Just a last name thats all.
Albert: So britney, do you know spanish?
Britney sanchez: No why?
Albert: Well your last name is sanchez...
Britney: Yeah doesn't mean i know spanish though, your last name is buttrick, does that have any thing to do with your butt?

Albert: dido
by ilashleyil November 11, 2011
To flip a table vigorously. Typically done in anger at a board game or another man's girlfriend. The offline equivalent of a rage quit.
Gabe sanchezed my table last night and lost my d4

I was winning and some fucker pulled a sanchez.
by The Tromboner of the Night July 22, 2014
A last name that goes to the coolest motherfucker on tv, Rick, Rick Sanchez from the show "Rick and Morty"

(I'm not getting paid for this)
Wubba lubba dub dub - Rick Sanchez
by Its_not_a_phase_mom June 18, 2016
(v) To set up an activity and then--after recruiting others to take part--canceling the activity.

Plural: Sanchezed

Note: Sanchezing is not the same as "flaking". To sanchez someone (or to be sanchezed on) requires the initiator of the activity to be the flaker--usually screwing up everyone else's schedule after they've made time for the activity.
After Erick set up a happy hour with ten of his friends, he ending up sanchezing them 15 minutes before it was due to start.
by RPKeating January 29, 2014
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