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Pretty much the baddest person on the planet. Inventor of such classics as CUMB and LQTM. Runs roughshod on all schmohawks he encounters. Will rough up a chick if she wants it and maybe accidently if she doesn't. Oh yeah, has a huge penis and very nice balls.
"Superman wishes he was Gonzales"
by timogonzo August 24, 2011
make haste. hurry the hell up. go faster.

Derived from the popular cartoon character.
A: when will you be here?
B: in an hour
A: get your gonzales on man I'm hungry
by SPARTANGLORY April 02, 2010
A city in Ascension Parish which is OBVIOUSLY in Louisiana. It is located near Baton Rouge, the capitol of Louisiana. Gonzales is the Jambalaya Capitol of the WORLD! It is about an hour away from New Orleans.

1970 4,512
1980 6,891
1990 7,003
1994 8,565
1999 8,648
2006 8,899
2007 9,633
Let's go to Gonzales.
by XOXOMaddy December 27, 2008
A person that can not hold down a job or refuses to work.
girl: Does Micah work?
boy: No, he will keep a job!
girl: He is so GONZALES!
by Kegaan Ceriano February 04, 2010
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