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to proclaim the absurditiy of a situations circumstance or express disdain for some idiot's unintentionally comical and ignorant statement. Usually used after an interjection of somesort.
After Eric missed the easy layup with the greatest of magnitude, Kevin threw his arms in the air and yelled, "oh miggity!".

Eric's statement about being good at Halo recieved a big "oh miggity" from the group.

by uclabruin31 July 24, 2006
the title given to the person who is able to attract the female sex with the greatest of ease. Usually associated with 5 or more girls that exemplify the word "beauty". Known as a heartbreaker in that he makes each individual girl feel as if she is the only one in his life when in fact she is simply being "juggled". Also blessed with the complete knowledge of everything that pertains to the universe. Whether the subject is geography or ecology, "da jagla" knowest all. If life was a game, he would be recognized as the ultimate player. As popularly stated when describing "da jagla", "every boy wants to be in his shoes, and every man wants to be in his missess".

Interesting fact: the title of "da jagla" is selected by the Priory of Slapabitch and the Pimpinainteasy Association.
Notable past Jaglas:
-Bill Walton
-Doyle Brunson

Present Jagla:
Jordan O.(1988-?)
by uclabruin31 July 25, 2006
the term given to a smelly mexican kid in the city of Ridgecrest, CA. He can usually be distinguised from the billion other wetbacks in california by his unique odor. Witnesses have described this smell to be a mixture of cow manure and a fair amount of sweat from the gooch. Is claimed to be going to UC Irvine to contaminate the asian gene pool.
Sanchez is the dirtiest and smelliest of all living creatures. His odor strikes you with the force of a baseball bat to the head.
by uclabruin31 July 25, 2006

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