Top Definition
1. (n) Vomit
2. (v) To vomit
1. Look out for the puddle of hurl
2. I think I'm going to hurl!
by Mark June 24, 2004
To forcefully throw up.
Seeing those two together makes me sick. I think I'm going to hurl.
by Bungalow Bill February 16, 2002
A sugar coated fat man with a narcissistic personality disorder.
Whenever Hurls walks into the room, everyone goes silent, the ego has landed.
by Pistol Peter June 13, 2008
To throw an object or a person.

The pimp hurled the ho off the balcony for turning free tricks. She landed cunt first on the pimp's ride.
by Adam Shaw July 12, 2006
A new game show on G4 which is meant to be to see who can eat the most, yet hurl the least. The one who wins at the end gets $1000 and the coveted Iron Stomach Award. The first round, the two who eat the least are eliminated, then they go on some kind ride to get them to hurl. Then these last three then eat more, and the last two who eat the most go on once more, until there is the last person left who hasn't hurled.
I just won $1000 on Hurl! cuz I ate nearly 10 lbs of food and didn't hurl.
by Steller Mist August 10, 2008
Hurl or Hurled- To overpower your enemy in a fight, brutally beat and or kill.
I hurled that punk ass bitch claimin F-I, nigga had it coming..
by E-LOCO April 08, 2010
To play the Irish sport of hurling.

It is most excellent to hurl during the summers in Milwaukee in one of the largest hurling clubs in the world!
by tomtom12345 July 26, 2006
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