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Bad attitude by girls named Faith Dallas and Lia.
Pissed off, or to upset.

Bad moods.
"Why you gotta be so salty?"

"Your being mad salty."
by hangman123456 December 02, 2011
7 17
sexually appealing; arousing sexual interest or desire
Mmm, Evan Rachel Wood is looking pretty damn salty in the new season of True Blood.
14 24
someone who is extremely attractive and hot and sexy. usually refers to hot male surfers
John John Florence looked so salty in that picture.
by ilovesurf420 June 03, 2011
1 11
legit, very good, awesome
Did you just see me make that putt? I'm so salty.
by kliegel August 25, 2010
7 17
describing a bitter or bad situation or feeling, commonly used to describe things that didn't go well, or being upset.
"Dude did your bag weigh?" "Yeah it was like 3.9, but like .8 was like tree trunk stems, so not really" "Damn dude that's salty"

"I dunno dude the last time we took his mom's van she was pretty salty"
by matthewXmagical April 07, 2010
21 31
he is so salty! i want him!
by meljar March 07, 2010
29 39
disappointed, down, tight, sad, in despair, beside oneself
You scuffed ya kicks already?!?!
I know you SALTY!!
by Chase from SLC July 23, 2009
84 94