Feeling speedy, buzzed, spun or otherwise high on bath salts.

Similar feeling of euphoric energy from small to moderate amount of coke.
Sober Suzy: "Hey um, so you wanna do something tonight? I'm bored"

Salty Sam: "Oh Hells yeah, I kinda wanna dance or go karaoke. Hey, let's walk to Drunken Crab for drunken karaoke and then go dancing!! And yeah, I'm so salty right now!!!
by Randishlego July 19, 2011
An over used word that means you feels awkward so suck it
*Person 1 trips*
person 2- oh you must feel salty
by Jake Gerbners future wifee July 14, 2011
sexually appealing; arousing sexual interest or desire
Mmm, Evan Rachel Wood is looking pretty damn salty in the new season of True Blood.
someone who is extremely attractive and hot and sexy. usually refers to hot male surfers
John John Florence looked so salty in that picture.
by ilovesurf420 June 03, 2011
Salty is a slang word for someone who is very attractive or "hot." Usually used when describing extremely sexy males, most of them being surfers.
Oh my god. John John looked so salty when i saw him skate by.
by nuggs4lyfe June 02, 2011
To be extreamly expensive but highly desirable
Did you see that dully?

Yea its nice but to gas that up is salty it gets 4 miles to the gallon.
by bonscottz May 08, 2011
To look embarrassed, feel awkward, or to look stupid.
Teacher: What is 25+25?
*After numerous trys they finally get 50*
Person2:Haha looking salty
by DangerzoneX April 21, 2011

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