To get shitty or get an attitude with someone. or to be bitter and pissed off, angry, especially when showing disrespect or after been disrespected or humiliated or getting fucked off
goddamnit dont get salty and ill with me mother fucker.
by anony309093093 March 29, 2010
The feeling one gets when being proved wrong. Apperantly originated in chicago, but you'll most likely hear it in philly.
I swore my last lolly pop was gonna be grape, but i was feelin extra salty when i realized it was really cherry.
by caramichelle January 10, 2010
Touchy, Pissed off, Moderately losing patience, Being in a bad mood.

Word comes from Didcot! not southampton..
"Oi mate, Stop getting so salty."

"Ah daves not coming out, he's at home in bed crying his salty tears"
by GKonly January 06, 2010
Hot, amazing, very attractive.
Guy: Hey
Girl: Hi
Guy: Your salty
Girl: Lets fuck
by Phillp 11 October 26, 2009
An irritated state of mind, in contrast to the contented state of feeling sweet and the more intensely angry, judgemental, and longer-lasting state of feeling bitter.
I don't know what crawled up my boss's ass; she is being so salty today!

Don't bother me; I'm feeling a bit salty.
by Laura McSpadden December 25, 2007
word use to describe someone who has just been proven wrong after they swore on their mama's grave they were right.

(this particular meaning originated in philly)
joe-"Yo man i'm tellin you ron ron fucked that bitty lie"
lamar-"no he didn't nigga u trippin"
joe-"yea he did!!! (voice escalating)"
ron ron- (just entering the room) "joe shut the fuck up i ain't touch that hoe"
lamar-"hahhaaha u feelin salty now nigga"
joe- "whateva"
by ya gurl October 18, 2005
To be a flirt , or be too obsessive with a male or a female , usually results in a friend leaving a friend for someone that want to get with
Brandon leaves the crowd with jess to go back to her house, he's being so salty!
by kl51 June 08, 2013

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