being shady and unfair
"Let me get some donuts from that box."
"No, I don't got enough for you."
"You salty."
by Saltcoat November 25, 2014
Salty = Salt of the Earth sort.

A seasoned man, wise beyond his years, who is earthy, witty, pungent with manliness (salty if licked) and able to kick some ass should the situation renders itself necessary (like a drunken sailor).
Think: Lenny Kravitz, Bono, Benicio del Toro, Goran Visnjic, Diego Luna, Harvey Keitel
Do not think: Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Adam Sandler, Jim Carey

Salty Women include: Madonna, Cher, Mae West, Joan Jet, Queen Latifa
by Megan Cash January 04, 2006
Unsound mind. A person on edge. In a shady situation.
My marriage is salty.
by elaminster October 11, 2015
When you are proven wrong in a situation when you thought you were right; when you are let down after your hopes are up; when you are played/ dissed
1. Person 1: I'm the only one in this classroom with a 4.0 GPA.

Person 2: Actually I also have a 4.0, so I guess you're feeling salty.

2. (In a roast session)
Person one (roasting person 2): You not ready for this roast, you ugly as hell, boul.
Person 2: Nah, you need a shape up cuz your hairline look like a mountain range.

Background people: OH NOOOO
(Person 1 is salty)
by Cerena10111 June 19, 2015
If something is salty it means that it is high class or exclusive.
Also can be used to describe a person, usually a woman, who is tasteful and/or pleasing to the eye. They may also be a very classy or expensive person.
Louis Vuitton is so salty that I feel like I have to be a celebrity to shop there.

This girl is so salty, I love her!
by MarieOpal March 28, 2015
The state of being thirsty, i.e horny
Did you see Devonte Antonio was taking pictures of guys while getting his oil changed at Kwik Kar? He's so salty!
by Bartonlutherking October 07, 2014
Adjective: The act of being a sore loser and having a negative attitude.
Man Rich is sooooo salty, nigga shouldnt take things so personally...
by nyamachoma September 25, 2014
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